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The website will not be responsible if the website sale system crashes or can not be used normally due to force majeure or other uncontrollable reasons, resulting in the online transaction can not be completed or the related information and records are lost. But we will try our best to assist in dealing with the aftermath, and strive to enable customers to reduce the possible economic losses.       

OUR can be requested by the buyer's request for the relevant transport procedures, but our responsibility is limited to the timely delivery of goods encountered in the logistics (post) accident to assist the buyer inquiries, do not assume any logistics (postal) to provide compensation to customers outside, All inquiries and claims are in accordance with the provisions of logistics (postal) for. The buyer shall not claim compensation until the full term of the logistics (postal) inquiry has expired. Remind the buyer must verify the receipt of the detailed address and the consignee phone, so as not to delay delivery. Where in the shop shopping, are deemed to agree to this statement.   Dispute Resolution     

If any dispute arises between the Customer and the Website, it may be resolved in accordance with the agreements or relevant laws of the parties at the time.      

If you have any problem with the stock, such as out-of-stock or in-transit, please contact our customer service before purchasing. Size is not sure, but also to the online customer service advice, customer service advice is for reference only, the seller does not assume the wrong choice for the size of the buyer and after-sales disputes. Buy goods, please within three working days for payment procedures, the use of paypal or remittance to the designated bank account can be, please notify us after payment, to within 24 hours of delivery. In case of special circumstances need to delay payment, please explain in advance.       

"Color" picture are the OEM manufacturers to provide supporting promotional album. In the different parameters of the monitor to see the goods have color problems, please completely can not accept any color of the must see this clause. Color problem will not be used as a complaint, the basis for returns and not to return.       

"Returned" new products are directly transferred from the factory just under the new production line of goods, under normal circumstances will not be any quality problems. If received after the quality of the question, please contact with the customer service within 24 hours, the Department of quality problems are returned replacement, we assume Baohuan the same paragraph. Special goods because they are counter sales after the return of the factory season goods, some incomplete tag, a slight floating ash and other flaws exist, too picky clean, thread of the customer, please move, so the sale of special goods, such as no effect of wearing Of the quality problems are not returned.       

"Transport" The shop surface mail, express mail, air mail, EMS are entrusted to the Hongkong Post to send. For details, refer to "Delivery Method".  

• Customer supervision     

We hope that through unremitting efforts to provide the best customer service, we provide services to customers throughout the acceptance of customer supervision.