7 days of goods returned to guarantee

We will provide you with a return guarantee within 7 days of receipt (refer to shipping records). Please contact us before returning, please visit the Refund Policy.

Non-refundable product

Product receipt period has been more than 7 days.

The product has been opened or has been used (eg wrapping tape or box is torn off).

The product does not remain intact and has been damaged, damaged or incomplete.

Any free gifts and trial gifts.

Any product that is not purchased from the Wholesaler Fashion website.

In any dispute, Wholesaler Fashion reserves the right to make the final decision.

Replacement policy

This website is only returned for transport damage, defective defective goods and goods delivery, and the products must be returned in accordance with the "Return Product Procedure".

We will arrange delivery of goods according to your order delivery, and will not charge any freight. If you have sent a defective, defective or defective product to us, we will arrange for the return of the resulting additional shipping charges.

If the returned goods are sold out, we will refund the goods to the original payment method.


Return the product program


Please contact us and provide your order number and the product name, indicating the reason for the return.


And then send the problem product together with the original invoice package back: Room 36, 1 / F, Block 2, Camel Paint Building, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


All return products must pay the return freight, this site will not accept the consignee to pay freight matters.


Refund Policy


Please note that we must check and verify your return before returning or refund. If the situation does not meet the conditions of our return, all returns will not be returned or refund, will not be responsible for the return of the goods.


The total amount of the refund is the sum of the freight (if any) of the product and the original order for the return, damage, etc.


For the "7 days goods returned guarantee" return, the original order shipping and handling costs will not be returned, inconvenience, please forgive me. We will only return the total amount of the goods to you.


If you return the goods using the coupon code and / or bonus points, we will also make your payment back to your account based on the record and send the equivalent coupon to your email address.


Please note that once the refund is successful, all the bonus points earned for the purchase will be deducted directly from the account.


Refund time


The refund method will be the same as the payment method and account selected at the time of purchase.


Paypal's refund time is approximately 1-2 days from the date of receipt of the return. The discount code and bonus points that have been used for this purchase will also be returned within 1 week from receipt of the return.


Unable to deliver orders


Some orders will be due to the receipt address is unknown, post office box, hotel address, multiple delivery are no recipient, the recipient refused to pay taxes / refused to provide identity cards / failed to declare the goods or the recipient refused Parcels and other reasons were returned.


We can pay the returned package again for the guests, but the guests are required to pay the postage for the re-shipment, calculated on the basis of the freight law established on this website.


For non-deliverable orders, we accept a refund, subject to deduction of all relevant freight, handling charges and 15% of the total amount of products as a return order processing fee.


For assistance, please call +852 52820750 (Whatsapp) or email: wfpshk@mail.com